Learn How Trade Options Simply, Effectively and In Plain English
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Here Is Why Options Are So Important For 
Investors To Learn...
Options have been misunderstood for decades because of a number of reasons. The wealthiest investors in the world publicly bash options while making billions from them privately. My cheat sheet and BONUS guide will help you separate myths from the truths.
  •  A method for isolating higher probability trades.
  •   Get one of my favorite proprietary trading strategies.
  •  Why no one teaches investors how to 'sell' options.
  •  How options allow you to control 100 shares of AAPL for a fraction of an outright stock purchase.
  •  The ten most common chart patterns and how to spot them.
  •  I share more advanced techniques and show you how you could build up to them.
  •  The 75% solution and why it's used by the pros.
  •  and lastly... the 5 pitfalls experienced traders seldom make...
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